Friday, April 30, 2010

Cool Necklaces

I'm loving these new necklaces...

So Cool ... $34.99!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Facebook Baby

Today I started a Facebook page for Joyworks. We were talking about Facebook at the counter and Audrey,a very nice customer, said it was so easy and that she would help me set it up. She was very patient and taught me the basics...
I think it will be another fun way to keep in touch with our customers and share new products.
So if you would like to be a fan and join me in this new venture we are at Joyworks Snohomish...
It might take me awhile to figure it all out...
Baby Steps!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Joyworks Style

This year we are loving romantic and feminine clothing which includes soft colors,ruffles,flowers,and lace. Our goal is to find clothing and accessories that are not only cute but affordable.
I have started a new additional blog called to focus more on our clothing boutique.
Here is a quick the future I will also include prices and fashion tips.

So cute...can you tell we like ruffles...

Monday, April 26, 2010

The Vintage Table

A great new book that just arrived at Joyworks.

Here's a sneak peek...

Some vintage inspired items that we carry...

This time of year gardens are filled with many varieties of beautiful flowers.
To make a simple arrangement for your table just put a few blooms in a vintage container.

My mom gave me this pretty arrangement filled with Snowballs and Lily of the Valley for my anniversary.

I picked some Bluebells and filled a vintage flour shaker.

A cute little creamer filled with little pick blossoms from my Azalea bush...Jill this one's for you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Married Adventure

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary.
I thought today would be the perfect day to tell my little story.
The story begins...
It all started a year ago when I saw a picture of this book cover on a blog. Just for fun I printed it and gave it to Dean for an anniversary present. Dean and I love to travel and go to exotic places so it seemed to sum up our relationship perfectly...and it was written by Osa Johnson in maiden name happens to be Johnson...

The story continues...
My friend Rhonda Addison created a series of birthstone crown pictures and I was patiently waiting to see what she would do for May which is my birthday month. When I saw her picture I was so excited and couldn't believe it. She had placed the crown filled with emeralds on top of the book "I Married Adventure" and titled it Unmeasurable Love.

I searched the book on-line and found that it was popular in the 1940's to give as a wedding present. I knew then that I needed to find a vintage copy of this book.

The story continues...
A few months later I was visiting my mother-in-law and I looked up on the top shelf of her bookcase and there was a copy of the book. I couldn't believe it and asked her if I could borrow it because I was dying to read it...who am I kidding I asked if I could have it...:) was destiny!
I quickly read this fascinating book about Martin and Osa Johnson who travel to Africa and the South Seas during the early 1900's. They documented their travels my making movies and writing books. It totally inspired Dean and I to keep on traveling!

The story continues...
I had just finished the book and was telling my friend about it. We switched the topic to how cute her new denim coat was and she told me she just got it at a new store called Martin and Osa....once again I couldn't believe it!
Dean and I made a trip to Bellevue Square to visit the store and the clothes were cute but I was hoping the store would be decorated with vintage travel pictures,memorabilia, etc... but I did buy this t-shirt...someday it will make a cute pillow for our travel themed bedroom...

Stayed tuned for more Adventures of Jana and Dean!

Our story continues...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

They smell so good...

Shelly brought us a beautiful bouquet of Lilacs from her yard today. What a nice surprise for us and our customers enjoyed them too.

I had to bring a few blossoms home with me tonight...

Don't you wish you could Scratch and Sniff...

Lilac soap is always a popular item at Joyworks.
It's a great way to enjoy the lovely scent of Lilac Blossoms all year long.


Read all about it!
Rita,Sandi,and I had fun designing and making this newspaper dress for one of our mannequins.

Crafting with newspaper is a great way to stay up to date on current events...

She looks pretty cute in our studio displayed next to journals covered in newsprint.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book of Inspiration

Today this new book arrived...

I was so excited!
The inside cover reads:
and what moves them to do so? That's what Jenny Doh and Jo Packham explore in this compelling book.
Beautiful color photographs and insightful narratives reveal how 23 talented artists make their dreams come true in the fields of photography,dollmaking,knitting and crocheting,mixed media,and more.
Let these extraordinary women-and the journeys they have taken-motivate you to explore your own passions.

This book inspired me to do a little crafting tonight...a sign of a good book...
I'm still working on perfecting this crown(using something besides pipe cleaners) but I think it has potential.

Hopefully it will also inspire me to organize my craft studio...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ice Cream Box

Yesterday at the Fremont Market I stopped by one of my favorite booths FUN JUNK and had to buy these vintage pink ice cream boxes. I immediatly pictured them filled with flowers and placed in the center of a table set for an ice cream social.

So Sweet!