Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fremont Sunday Market

Today I went to Fremont's Sunday Market-vintage and new. It's always fun to go and look for goodies and inspiration. The weather hasn't been great this week but I took a chance and the sun came out just as I arrived. This morning I've been looking at other bloggers who are in Roundtop Texas at a large antique show-The Present Past- and was very jealous. Fremont isn't quite the same but I did find a cute yellow chair.


lulu said...

hey, your fast! it was fun to meet you today. the blog looks great! Lulu

Anonymous said...

I would have loved going to that !! How fun !!!


Anonymous said...

Jana, love your blog. Giving me idea for my own blog. And I decided I need a Joyworks fix today, so I am headed over to Snohomish soon.
Fremont sounds fun, I need to do that sometime.
Linda Q