Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sand Point Antiques and Design Market

Today I met my good friends for coffee before we went to our favorite local antique show at Warren G. Magnuson Park 7400 Sand Point Way, Seattle.--the next one is June 8
if you want to put in on your calendar... We didn't buy too much today but I did get a fun wire bird cage and a lucite hand mirror for my new collection. Cheri bought a cute mouse bank--she's not quite sure why....
These cute necklaces are made by Lulu

Update--Cheri found a glass house for her mouse...

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Dennis Eros said...

Sophisticated and whimsical.
Antique garden furniture, ornaments, planters, primitives, French country, Native American art, costume and estate jewelry, old and loved linens, used and un-abused
furniture, and more. Oursale is part desogm. [art tjera[u and... pure pleasure.
Dennis Eros, Show Promoter