Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blueberry Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Jill's birthday at Joyworks.
This year for fun we decided to create our own reality show called...
The challenge was to make a dish out of BLUEBERRIES.

Our staff of chefs all stepped up to the challenge and make delicious desserts and salads using blueberries.

We were honored to have Jill Edwards, an award winning chef, as our special guest judge.
Chef Jill has just released her new book call Simple Fresh Dishes and the winner of this challenge received a signed copy of her book.

Jill took her job seriously and tasted each dish.

Amy was the winner with her Very Berry Smoothie!
Kay came in second with her To Die For Blueberry Muffins!
Sandi came in third place with her Blueberry Crisp!
I'm sorry to say that I was chopped,my show was cancelled, and I had to pack my knives and go much for my savory dish of blueberry chicken pasta salad...

Jill received many wonderful and creative gifts.

She looks so cute in this new blue coat which just happens to be from our boutique... new clothes for Fall are starting to come in!

We always have to give Jill a squirrel for her birthday. When she is not cooking, she is feeding and talking to all of the squirrels in her backyard.

Happy Birthday Jill!

Bon Appetit!


All That Jazz said...

I think your blueberry pasta salad sounds really yummy! Maybe with a little feta cheese in it? ;) Looks like a wonderful birthday party for a special friend!!

Jill said...

It was a fabulous day as you out did yourselves again and made me feel very special. I wish I could of awarded everyone of you with the top dish as all were very creative with the blueberries. If I was giving an award for creativity, it would of been you Jana with your Blueberry pasta and Clarice would be awarded for presentation. Thank you all my Joyworks friends.

Britany said...

I head all about this on Tuesday night while talking to Jill, so I am so glad you posted the photos!
Miss all you girls!

Linda Q said...

You girls throw the best parties!
Happy Birthday to my fellow Leo Jill! Looks like alot of fun!