Friday, November 12, 2010


Fifteen Decorated Christmas Trees!

Six Decorated Windows!

Ten Tablescapes and many Cute Vignettes!

We had a very nice Holiday Open House tonight.
Thank you to all who helped make this a great event.

Let the Joy of the Season Begin!


Tiff said...

I had a lot of fun shopping last night with my friend and we both ended up winning prizes from the raffle! Thanks JoyWorks for the great open house!!! Hope your leaky pipe got fixed. ;)

Lolly Jane said...

ahh...just found your site. LOVE it. wish you were in my state!! new follower. xoxo

bullie_mama said...

The store was decorated so beautifully! Fun night and got yet another super cute Bulldog ornament to add to my tree this year! Yay!

Tamara said...

The party was awesome. Your displays made me all warm and fuzzy inside! And I LOVE the leather jacket I bought.

You can check out some photos I snapped of your treat-ful doings:

Thanks for everything!

Shabby Chatue said...

Love the Christmas decorating! Awesome work...Love the trees!

Shabby hugs...xo...Dawn