Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day

What a Beautiful Morning...the Sun is Shining and it's Warm!

I can't wait to go outside and work in my yard and paint some furniture for the upcoming Antique and Arts Street Faire in Snohomish.

Yesterday I went to Kim and Luanne's "Nest and Garden" Show at the Old Red Farmhouse. They are so creative and it's fun to see how they re-purpose vintage items by filling them with plants and flowers.

Kim's daughter even made these adorable cake pops!

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Shell said...

Happy May Day Jana!

"Someone" May-Day-ed" Us at Joyworks today,,,,Hmmmm, who could it be? Rita, mayhaps????
Too cute and if I'd had my camera I would have taken a picture!

Pics of Kim and Luanne's Show are great! I'm sorry I missed it! But as you know,,there were lots of their customers in here yesterday, at Joyworks!

Hope you enjoyed your Sunny day off! We were hopping at the Store! Can you say SPRING Clothing???

Happy Painting! :)