Monday, September 19, 2011

Picker Sister

I've been watching this fun new show on Lifetime called Picker Sisters.
Two girls travel around picking up junk and having it made into cool furniture.
I always find good junk and have great ideas but I'm just not handy with power tools.
The other day it came to me that my brother is quite skilled at building things...we would make a great team...I could be the Picker Sister.

Well this is one of our attempts...I found this vintage bed frame and thought it would make the best bench. My brother came over and I told him my idea and waited for the magic to happen.
All I can say is that it wasn't like on television... Nothing fit,the wood split,it's not level,I cut my foot,it's a little high,has too many legs,and it's not very sturdy...

But it's finished and I think it turned out pretty cute...
We probably won't make another bench but I'm sure I'll think of something else.
Because I am the Picker Sister!


Doni said...

I think your bench effort is WONDERFUL!!! It's soooo cute! I love that you decided to try something, so don't give up. Things will just start coming together and you'll have so much fun doing it!
I love that show too, but then again, they have a crew of help because come on, who REALLY goes 'pickin' with white frilly blouses and loose hair???
Big hugs!

ShabbyESP said...

I like your bench!!
The Picker Sisters are cute but really how can they do all of that driving and carrying stuff all over the country?
Thank you for sharing!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Ché said...

Your vision for the bench is bang on! What a great shape for one...maybe try some other tutorials on Pinterest on headboard can see what would help make is sturdier. I've made several now..and I'm thankful I watched some videos first. Making a platform for the seat, then attaching makes quite a bit of difference in the sturdiness. But seriously..super cute. The lines are geat. :)