Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Garment District

When I was trying to come up with a theme for our booth I knew I wanted it to have industrial feel... My brother and I built a clothing rack out of pipe parts,made a hat rack out of salvaged screws and wood,bought a metal rolling cart,and I just had to have this metal stairs on wheels thing straight from the junk yard...

The night before the show I thought of the theme "Garment District"...which went perfect with my industrial theme... I used vintage mannequins,measuring tapes,rulers,buttons,spools,signs,hat stands, etc... If I had more time I would have brought in some vintage sewing machines...maybe next time...

Jill and I designed these cute lace aprons for the opening night...We have some for sale at the store for $28.00 if anybody would like one.
Loved the hat...I plan on ordering some more of these soon!

By the time we brought in all our clothing and accessories it filled up the booth...
Big store...Small booth. We covered up my most of the fixtures...but I still think you can see my vision... :)

Thanks to Elise Marie Photography for her great pictures of our booth.

This cute blouse has been one of our top sellers...more are coming to our boutique soon.

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