Friday, October 8, 2010

Dogs do smile

Mahllie,Rita's granddaughter, painted this cute picture of Sandi's dog Axel.

Sandi is at home recovering from partial knee replacement surgery.
Her husband and Axel are taking very good care of her.
I'm sure this picture cheered her definitely made me smile.
Sandi we miss you...get well soon!


sandi said...

Ahhh thanks for all the well wishes ! Love love Mahllies art ! this surely makes me smile ! Missing all you gals down at Joyworks, trying hard for a speedy recovery.

Shell said...

How CUTE! That girl is going to GO places! She is SO talented!

Hugs to "Our" Sandi for pain free days ahead!

I'm sure Axel and Curt are helping her get better fast!

Thanks for sharing, Jana! Makes me smile!