Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Joyworks Craft Star

The reality is that we love reality shows so for Shelly and Rita's birthday party we decided to have our own challenge for the next Joyworks Craft Star.
Rita and Shelly were each given a matching pile of supplies and a half hour to create something wonderful.

Let the games begin...
Here is Shelly ready to go with her glue gun in hand.
Watch out Rita this is going to be a tough competition...

In the next room Rita is quickly creating and gluing...she seems very calm...

Shelly created a beautiful necklace with buttons.pearls,and tulle.

Rita created a special treasure box filled with all her favorite things and delivered a very touching presentation.

It was a tough decision but there can only be one winner...
One Joyworks Craft Star!

After much deliberation we chose Shelly's necklace as the winner and awarded her with a special crown.

And...then we ate these delicious pumpkin cupcakes made by Jill who just happens to be this years Joyworks Food Star.

Another fun Joywork Party!


Jill said...

I hope the craft stars had as much fun as I did. It was a fun night and now Rita and Shell's 50th is definately over!

Hen House Studio said...

Well of course Shelley won...she's a total NUT!!! She probably wrestled you down and came up with her tiara still on. What fun you all have. Can't wait to come and visit soon.

Shell said...

I had a BALL, Thanks Jill & all for a great party!

Lovin' my Crown,,,it's going on my "mannie" in the Studio!

You guys are Great!
(i'm going to post some pics of yours over on my blog......much better than MINE!)

Cya Tonight! Ackkk....Bring your camera, Kell Bell's house looks DIVINE,,or would that be "Devilishly Good???"

Trisha Brink Design said...

Oh my gosh you girls are havin' WAY too much fun over there!!! I'm totally inspired to start a "Grandiflora Craft Star" night!!! ;o) Your booth at the Show AND your shop were both totally gorgeous!!! We had such a blast shopping and visiting with all of you. Hope to get down again sometime soon! Keep up the great bloggin' Jana, it's always so nice to see what yer up ta! Happy Halloween! From the Grandiflora Girls. Cheers!