Monday, May 3, 2010

A Chair and A Squirrel

Today I finally found a chair to buy at one of my local thrift stores. I think it will be a good one to cover in a linen colored fabric.
My husband saw a squirrel today in our backyard.
We live in the city but have an unusually large lot with lots of big old trees surrounding our house...a perfect squirrel playground. Squirrels were always running around and climbing the trees until one day about 3 weeks ago my neighbor caught them all in his trap....all 12 of them.
I couln't believe it...who traps in the city!
He did release them in a local park but I missed my furry little friends very much.
I knew that someday they would find their way home and today at least one did.


Jill said...

YEAH! You'd better keep a watch over your neighbor Jana. He'll be out there again with his trap! Love the chair...we could cover it in a coffee bean bag! What do you think ?

sandi said...

Soooo happy a squirrel returned, sure he will tell his friends !

Looks like a great chair, is it for the JW's or you ?

Have a great day, see ya in a few... Hugs Sandi

Caroline said...

I have been told that they will always find their way home, unless... misfortune got in their way! I love the chair!