Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jana's In Vegas

Jana has left for Vegas for a fun getaway with her hubby and has left me to the blogging. What to do? No birthdays to share with you, no new freight and the Street Faire is over. So, as I was pondering what to post this morning with my morning cup of coffee, I noticed a little hummingbird fly past and check out my feeder. He didn't stay long, but I was glad to have my first summer sighting. I have been waiting for them to return as I really enjoy watching them.

I recently visited Tucson, Arizona and got to tour the High Desert Museum which has a Hummingbird Aviary. I could of sat in there all day and watched the hundreds of hummingbirds flying around with no concern regarding all the people watching them. I literally stood within a foot of a Mom on her nest and took pictures. So I'm sharing a few with you today and I hope you enjoy these amazing little creatures as much as I do.

If you look closely, you can see the babies in the nest which is approximately 2" wide.

Aren't the colors amazing ?

Lets hope for some amazing freight to come in tomorrow, so that I can share with you.

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