Tuesday, October 27, 2009

House of Glitter

This time of year glitter seems to be everywhere our little house. Even my poor husband has glitter on his face.
Tonight I put on my vintage Christmas apron to get me in the mood...for crafting!

Over the years I have collected vintage Christmas craft supplies and have plenty to work with.

Here are a few little things I've made so far...


GardenGirl said...

Fun!! Looks like the inspiration has hit you...how did I miss you at Funky Junk? Shoot!
Happy Autumn;)

Shell said...

Very FUN Jana girl!

I had to laugh today, Kell Bell and I went to Molbaks, Cost Plus and TJ Max today. We stopped at a friends to pick up some invites for a shower she's giving and I looked over and she had glitter all over her face. I told her she'd been hanging out with me too long, it was literally starting to rub off!

And,,,,there is glitter going down the basement stairs to the craft room! Have fun,,,,buy Dean a can of air to blow it off!


LadyPI said...

Just found your blog. Very nice!

We live in Wisconsin but hope to relocate to the Pacific Northwest someday. My hubby used to live in Portland OR and his dad was born and raised in Tacoma. As such we contacted a realtor from the Tri-Cities and were sent a bunch of info, among them the Country Pleasures Magazine. That's where I found a little article about Joyworks.

Plus I love Christmas and crafting, and I'm sure I will enjoy following your blog.

Happy Halloween!