Thursday, January 7, 2010

What to Blog About

With Jana in Atlanta at the gift show I was left in charge of blogging. This is not an easy thing to do when the store is so bare and we will not be receiving any new freight for a couple of weeks. So what do I have to Blog about ?

How about spring is coming ?

As I walked around in my yard today I saw signs of life. Grape hyacinth was poking up out of the ground along with the crocuses. I am always so excited to see them as that does mean spring is coming!

As you wait patiently for the real flowers to open up, how about these ? They look real and will give any little space a pop of spring.

We have a few pots in the store and I anticipate a shipment of spring flowers will be one of the first shipments of the new year.


Kay said...

It's good to think about spring! I put my little pot of "faux" daffodils on the shelf in the kitchen after the Christmas decorations came down. A little bit of cheer! Good job on the blog!

Jana said...

Hello from Atlanta!
There is no sign of spring here...the pansies are frozen and covered with snow.
We are finding lots of cute things for the store.
Today we shopped for 12 hours and are quite tired...
Say "Hi!" to everybody.
Jana and Clarice

珊珊李 said...