Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Thrill...

Last night we went to my friend Wendy's 50th Birthday Party.
Her theme for the party was the Winter Olympics and she decorated her whole house with many snowflakes and so much more. She asked that everybody bring an appetizer that fit her theme and there would be a competition for a gold, silver,or bronze medal.
At the shop, right before the party, I put these cute child's ice skates into a styrofoam base with the help of my mom and decided to fill them with bread sticks and dip.

I made quite the entrance to the party when the ice skate filled with dip decided to fall and the dip went flying... I was so disappointed because I had worked so hard and it fell during the competition... Dean thought I might still have a chance with originality but I would probably lose on style.
With the help of my sister Amy we cleaned up the mess and put new dip into the cup and placed my appetizer onto the table.
All evening I waited patiently for the results...there were so many competitors...
Finally it was time...I Won!
It was so exciting!
Wendy placed the Gold Medal around my neck!
Everybody sang the National Anthem and cheered!
I have dreamed of this moment my whole life!

Ah...The Thrill of Victory!


Kay said...

Jana, you're too funny - you'd get a "gold" from me also because of your style! Only you . . . Glad that you're all back from your buying trip, we missed you! See you soon!

mishebe said...

lol. Congrats sista. I just imagined u walking thru the door

Jill said...

I loved the idea Jana. I'm with Kay, you always deserve a gold! I'm wondering what Amy came up with and did she win a medal ? Very fun!!!

1 Funky Woman said...

Great job and execution! Way to go on getting the gold!

Shelly said...

Yeah Jana!!! I knew you'd win! silver wire trim and the little flowers were a great addition!!

See ya Tues!