Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book of Inspiration

Today this new book arrived...

I was so excited!
The inside cover reads:
and what moves them to do so? That's what Jenny Doh and Jo Packham explore in this compelling book.
Beautiful color photographs and insightful narratives reveal how 23 talented artists make their dreams come true in the fields of photography,dollmaking,knitting and crocheting,mixed media,and more.
Let these extraordinary women-and the journeys they have taken-motivate you to explore your own passions.

This book inspired me to do a little crafting tonight...a sign of a good book...
I'm still working on perfecting this crown(using something besides pipe cleaners) but I think it has potential.

Hopefully it will also inspire me to organize my craft studio...


Jill said...

Okay, lets get organizing! It is time for me to help you with your studio again, Jana. Great little crown, very sweet. You need one as you are the queen of crafting.

Anonymous said...

Love that little crown and the book looks amazing!!

GardenGirl said...

Hey Jana!

I'm due for a trip back in to your store...today I'm organizing all my junk for up-coming shows since it's raining and I need room to create flowers for a bride this weekend!!!
See you soon;)
deb @ garden party