Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bon Bons

Today Sandi decorated the candy and gingerbread tree.
It turned out very sweet!
I just whipped up these cute little treats to add to the tree. They look good enough to eat...


Jenni B said...

Those little treats are so cute! I just found your blog by chance and in Virginia. I have a customer that lives in Snohomish and I asked her if she had ever been to your shop and she told me it was her favorite place to go!! You can see my blog if you'd like ( I actually design faux desserts and have some really cute Christmas tree ornaments (that I actually demonstrated on Martha Stewart last year!) you should see!

Jenni B

mishebe said...

Wow another fan (comment) did u really make those? you r so talented girl. I am making Xmas stockings, i will post soon. Mishelle