Sunday, November 9, 2008

Coastal Living

My little home movie:
This weekend I went to my friend Cheri's beach cabin in Coupeville, Washington. Coupeville is on Whidbey Island which requires a short ferry ride to get there. Their cabin's name is Summertide and is very fun to visit in the summer especially for crabbing adventures and appetizers on the deck. Every time I go I am amazed by the awesome view which I never get tired of looking at...someday if I wish hard enough I know I'll see a whale go by.

Cheri collects shells, mermaids, sailors, sailboats, and other beach related items. We are always looking for treasures to add to her collections. There are a couple of antique stores on the island so we go shopping when I visit.

Thank you Cheri for being a great hostess, chef, barista, and friend.

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Jill said...

What a fun getaway. I love all the decorations and the view. Looks like you had a fun weekend Jana.