Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Perfect Cooks' Companion.....

Todays aprons are more stylish than ever and are making a fashionable comeback. They have even been making occasional runway appearances.

Ruffles, multiple fabrics and embroidery are all part of the many fun aprons we have at Joyworks. Talk about the perfect cooks companion!

How about one to celebrate ones birthday.

Come in and try one on.


mishebe said...

cute, cute. R u back from Vegas already? m

Barb said...

Those aprons are adorable.
Wish i was close enough to try one on, and see the rest of your goodies.

Barbara Jean

Keeping Good Company said...

I think we have very similar stores! We just received new aprons that we ordered at the Atlanta Market.

They are too cute to pass up!

Chelsea & Pam

Bellamere Cottage said...

Yipppppeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited to have found your blog! It's a great day. I've been to your darling little place many times and actually have been dying to get up there again soon and see what's going on there.

Warm blessings,

DivaDeb said...

Hey! Those are my friend Bari J's Aprons, aren't they??!! Awesome!

Jana said...

We are home and had a great time shopping in Vegas! Thanks Jill for doing a great job on your blog posts...