Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wrap Happy

I know I love my job when I get all excited when our shipment of the day is a box of new paper products from Cavallini & Co.
Gorgeous new wrapping paper.

The possibilities are endless...I had so much fun displaying the new paper all around the store.

Beautiful Postcards.

Fun labels...great for crafting.

Whew...That's a Wrap!


Barb said...

Were all those things made from the wrapping paper?

Wish you were not so far away, I could run right over a get a roll or two.
What brand name are they if you don't mind me asking.

Barbara jean

Anonymous said...

you're right - there is some great stuff there...

Connie said...

Love these papers...So many fun things to do with them!

Ruth said...

These are beautiful! I love this brand.