Thursday, March 18, 2010

Put on Your Party Hat

Today we celebrated Sandi's Birthday at Joyworks.
We topped off the party be making paper bag hats...

Amy and the girls put together a fabulous lunch featuring this delicious salad.

Sandi looked so cute in her fancy party hat!

Jill made the best German Chocolate good!

Rita made little party flags for each festive!

Happy Birthday Sandi!


Shelly said...

Awwwwww shoot! Too cute! Sorry I missed it! You know I'm sick when I miss a party!!

Love the hats!

Happy birthday Sandi Sweeti!


sandi said...

So cute, so fun, so delicious, thanks to all my friends at Joyworks, love you all !!!

Shelly said...

Oh,, Forgot! Having a giveaway over on my blog!

(Keep eating and saving yogurt cups girls!)


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Love, love the hats . . what a cute idea! Looks like alot of fun.

starsanderin said...

I love the hats. What a fun, thrifty idea. Love Joyworks! Need to come home and visit soon.

Violet said...

THAT IS MY KIND OF PARTY! Really, you are my friends and me, with diffferent faces : ) ~ I love hats, what a fabulous idea! ~ Violet

Connie said...

Shell told me I'm gonna have to drop in the next time we go over to our granddaughter's house in Duvall, sugar! I think granddaughter and I will just leave th' guys home and come ourselves since it's so close. Darling paper hats. Come see the flowers I'm making, chick. I just might bring ya some over! Hah.

Anonymous said...

You girls do like to party!