Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Today was such a beautiful day.
The sun was shining brightly...the birds were chirping...and I got a burst of energy to clean my house. I just got a new Hoover and was so excited to use it...

Who am I kidding...I'd much rather paint a picture!


Erin said...

I'm looking to buy a vacuum. Tell me when you use yours what you think and the brand. I enjoy your blog and love your store!

Shelly said...

Too funny Jana!

I told you my friends old trick about just "parking the vacuum" in the livingroom when her house was messy?
That way if anyone stopped by she'd just say, "oh, I was just getting ready to vacuum!"

Still feel like Dog-do,,,and gettin kinda kranky about it now!


Jill said...

Unlike you Jana I did vacuum yesterday!!! I used my Oreck which is a way better vacuum :O) Loved the painting and can't wait to see it today at work.

JoAnn S said...

vacuum ? you dont need no stinkin vacuum, not when you have paint. rofl hugs JoAnn

Laurie said...

haha! you almost had me!!!