Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Heart Auctions!

Today I was on the way to the dump to recycle a jeep full of boxes when I saw a sign for a live auction at Hanson Brothers Tranfer Storage. I thought I would check it out and it turned out to be great fun. The auction had been going on for quite a few hours so most of the furniture had already been sold but they were going through packing boxes. They would take a few key items out of the box and then you would bid on the whole box. I got a number just in case something interesting came up because boxes were going for $1.00 to $5.00. After about ten minutes,a large box of stuffed animals came favorite. But to our surprise there were two chandeliers in the bottom of the heart started beating rapidly! I started with $5.00 hoping nobody would bid against me but they did....but I still won for $40.00...Yippee!!
I was so excited that I forgot that my jeep was too full and there was no way I could get the box home. The ladies at the auction were so nice and said that I could pay and come back for my box. So I went to the dump and came back and stayed for two more hours. Then I bought this gigantic funky gold-I'm pretending it's French- headboard for $1.00 and realized it was too big to fit in the jeep...but it was only a dollar! So I had to call my husband to come to the rescue and help me put it on the top of the hero! I did come home with a green cabinet for $1.00,a big gold mirror for $3.00, and a vintage Christmas church for $1.00. What fun...I can't wait until the next auction where I will be going earlier because I know I missed out on some very good deals! They said they would e-mail me the date of the next auction and I will share that date with you.
--on the way home I filled up a large garbage bag full of those lovely stuffed animals and dropped them off a St Vincent De Paul. :)

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Leah S. said...

What was the name of the auction? How often do they have them? I'm in the Snohomish area and would love to go to something like this.

I'll try not to bid against you ;)