Thursday, July 3, 2008

How many Buttons?

For the month of June we had this large jar of buttons on our counter and asked our customers to guess how many buttons. The winner would receive a $50.00 Joyworks gift card. Tonight we got together and had a very fun button counting party. After about an hour of serious counting the grand total was 12,891 buttons.
Today was my lucky day because I won and my guess was very close....but of course I didn't qualify...however it's still fun to win!
Congratulations to our lucky winner!

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Jill said...

Yes, it was a fun night of counting at my abode. I dumped all the buttons on the table and couldn't believe the end total. As for Jana winning, we all think she counted them before she put the buttons in the jar :o) Be on the look in the store for what is next to guess... HAPPY 4TH EVERYONE