Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

This beautiful tree is adorned with silver and jewels. Many of the ornaments look like vintage rhinestone jewelry. Our inspiration for this tree was Hollywood glamour and Marilyn Monroe. We painted a dresser silver and used mercury glass accessories and mirrors to complete the look.


Keeping Good Company said...

Thanks for the response, and the idea of making a handout to give to our customers about our blog. It's always nice to see what other people are doing and find out what is working for them. Hope your business is doing well and I'm really enjoying the chance to see other stores blogs and know they get response from having it.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! i adore the table you painted silver!I have a table very similar to that and would love to paint it silver. What type of paint did you use?
Thank you,

Barb said...

I love that tree idea!
I have some vintage bags (mine are gold) and lots of gold jewelry, so i think I'll try that in my store.

We are actually behind, having just put up Fall decor2 weeks ago. Now it is time to do Christmas!
Having a sore, even open only 3 days a week, is a lot more time consuming than i thought it would be.
But I'm having so much fun!!!!
I'll put new photos on my blog in the next couple of days if you want to take another look.
I'm finishing up the pumpkins, so i can get on to painting, which is what i 'really' do. =0)
Thanks for so many cute ideas.
Barbara Jean