Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Love Your Blog

Today I got an "I Love Your Blog" Award from Salvage Studio. I was very excited because I love their store and have enjoyed reading their blog. I haven't been to see them lately and I think it might be time for a visit.

When you get this award you need to pass it on to seven blogs you like to visit...I look to blogs for inspiration--decorating,display and craft ideas. I also am drawn to those who go to antique shows in places I dream of...

My Picks:
1.Velvet Strawberries
2.The Present Past
3.Karla's Cottage
4.Curious Sofa
5.French Antiques
6.Garden Antiques
7.The Crown Casa


mishebe said...

Thanks Jana , right back at u babe... mishelle said...

How sweet, thanks!!