Monday, October 27, 2008

Honey what's for dinner?

Sorry honey we have no food...I made a Christmas tree out of our last bag of macaroni.


Keeping Good Company said...

My family owns a store in Vermont and I just started a Bbog for our store. I found your blog and now everyday I make sure I check it out to see what new and exciting things you guys have going on. Do you have any tips for a young store who's just getting their bearings with blogging?

mishebe said...

That is too funny. i miss laughing too. and The Butt pillow might give people the wrong idea. lol
I have pretty much been staying at home on weekends maybe roaming out for material. I came in once but you were off. Hope all is well. mishelle

Country French Antiques said...

WOW, thats pretty cool!
I've never seen one of those before. I think it would take a lot of patience, something I don't have an abundance of.
Thanks for sharing