Friday, January 9, 2009

Need a Clean Fresh Look

By now most of you have taken your holiday decorations down and are looking for a new look in your home. Before Jana and Clarice left for Atlanta, Jana put together this cute display that will hopefully inspire you. We still have lots of fun things to work with at Joyworks, but we're all looking forward to all the new items to start arriving soon from the gift show.


DivaDeb said...

Ummmmmm...Jana? Darling? I hesitate to point this out, but.... the French zinc mirror is hung upside down. The large part of the frame goes up on the top, like a sort of an 'awning' on the mirror.

(I wasn't going to say anything but it's driving me cuckoo!!!)

Jana said...

Just for the record I did know that the mirror was hanging upside down. The manufacturer put the hooks on incorrectly and I never got around to fixing it...:)
I guess I have been known to be a little cuckoo too...