Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shop 'til you drop...

Mom and I just got back from the gift show in Atlanta. We were there for a week and found lots of great new product for the store. I'm always amazed by the beautiful displays and get very inspired to freshen up the store. Every year I come back wanting to paint the walls, build new dispays, move furniture around, and craft for the store.
Here are a few pictures from our buying trip.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back from Atlanta - I love your "LOVE". It's very cute. Can't wait for all of the new merchandise to start arriving. It's so much fun to see all of the new product and the displays you create. Loved looking at your pictures - it does look inspiring! See you soon! MW

Barb said...

Thanks for all the great photos.
Gives me ideas for display for the store. =0)

I loved clicking on your site and have that LOVE and bright colors pop up. Really gets your attention!

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Oh, I heard the 'in' colors this year are blue, mauve and lavender. Did you see much of that at the show?? Not sure I'm ready to go back to that yet, although i keep pastels in the store all the time.
Variety you know.

Linda said...

Fun to see the photos from Atlanta.
I look forward, as always , to see what you bring into Joyworks. You gals so talented with your displays etc.