Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need a Cart

After unpacking the boxes and some assembly I couldn't wait to put this wonderful flower cart in the window. It is made of distressed wood and has quite the vintage look.

I wanted to load it up with lots of fresh spring flowers, but our the big bunny was to cute and loaded with moss and cabbages which we carry in the store it turned out pretty cute.


mishebe said...

very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, It's me, Rita in Portland! Looks good! so is this Jill's post since Jana is in Brazil now?!!!Sorry I wasn't there to help unpack! I'll be home soon! It looks great! and I've found some cool stuff on my road trip to Walla Walla!

Linda said...

Hi Jill,
That window is adorable, I was admiring it when there on Wed. with another lady outside. To cute!
Nice to meet you "more" and I will keep in touch about the Pyro. Trying to sell my wares now so I can save up some mad money again!
Good job on blogging too!
Linda Q

Anonymous said...

The new merchandise and window do look just like spring ! great job !it inspired us and we put cute green table and bench in "baby" window, with baby brights....we are bring spring to

Jana said...