Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sandi's Party

Tonight we had a 70th birthday party for Sandi...doesn't she look cute? Sandi is not only a valued employee of Joyworks but she is a great friend. We always admire her wonderful sense of style and creative abilities. She is our in house Martha Stewart.

Rita hosted a very fun craft night birthday party for Sandi. After a delicious dinner and cherry pie we all embellished birds making them so much cuter.






Anonymous said...

Thanks to all my wonderful co-workers and friends !WOW!!! I truely felt like queen for a day. Such a good time was had by all...still laughing this morning !you made my day ! sandi

Bellamere Cottage said...

Well, I'm telling you.........SANDI!!!!!!! look like you're about 35! I would NEVER have thought you were SEVENTY?? Is that a misprint? You look mahvelous!!! You go girl!!! Happy, happy birthday.....and MANY more.

Warm Wishes,

Anonymous said...

What a great say to celebrate a birthday...for any age!

Anonymous said...

3 Mom!! You're the best, thank you for the youthful good looks...LOL

mari said...

happy birthday, sandi!
you look absolutely fabulous!!!