Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perfect Timing!

This morning I got a call from Jana giving me a heads up as to what I had to deal with when I got to work today. Apparently they got this shipment late in the day on Monday and didn't have a chance to unpack it. I told her "thanks alot" and that she had perfect timing for her getaway. I wished her well and told her I'd try to make her proud on this blogging thing.

We got even more freight today, so check in tomorrow and I'll post some of our new goodies. Oh and we had Evening Magazine out right in front of our store filming for an episode tonight, so be sure to watch and hear all about the happenings in Snohomish and hopefully see some of our loyal customers on TV.


noel joy said...

the new displays look super cute. can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

Keeping Good Company said...

I know how you feel!! We have many of days when shipments come in late in the afternoon and the person who's opening the next morning isn't usually too happy!

But we look at it like its Christmas morning all over. Opening boxes and never remembering what's inside!