Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I recently saw an article in Country Living magazine about Peeps and thought it would be fun to put them on the blog.

Did you know that Peeps marshmallow candies have been popping up in Easter baskets since 1953? The Bethlehem,Pa. based company that makes Peeps originally specialized in chocolates and today it stays busy churning out chicks and bunnies full time. Last year alone the company made enough Peeps to circle the globe.

Four facts about our little Peeps:

It takes six minutes to make one Peeps chick! Original Peeps have a shelf life of two years. Wow,that's good to know!!! More than 5 million Peeps are produced each day and they have been the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy in the Unites States for more than a decade. Take that, jelly beans..

We have these Peeps looking ornaments at Joyworks; don't they look cute in a nest? They are also are great on an Easter tree. Have fun with them whether you eat them or use them in a display.


junkrescuerbeth said...

Those peeps lining the bottom of the glass vase are the cutest ever! That is a really great idea.
Beth of the Salvage Studio

Jen said...

I love Peeps! Have never once thought about decorating with them, so cute! Eating them when they've sat on the counter overnight with the package slightly open is the best! Oh, and here's a tip...never microwave them...it's not pretty.

Sandi said...

Really cute peeps !you are so cleaver...doing a G R E A T job while Jana banana is having fun on her get away.

The Chic Housewife said...

What a clever idea! Peeps have always seemed so retro-vintage to me...a classic at Easter.
The Chic Housewife