Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where in the World Is Jana

I thought I'd give you an update as to where Jana is on her journey. She recently visited the Malocas Jungle which is situated on the banks of the Rio Preto da Eva; a tributary of the Amazon. We all want to hear how the hunt for alligators and the fishing for piranhas went. Yes, our Jana had all that on her agenda while in the jungle, yikes!!!!!

She is now in flight to Fortaleza, Brazil which is in the city and it is 84 degrees. Oh, how I wish I was their as they talk about snow on the TV right now... We will probably get an update from Jana now that she is back to civilization and I will share that with you when it comes in.

Thanks for checking in.


Jana said...

We just got back from the our jungle adventure and had a great time. It was so pretty and magical walking in the jungle. We are safe and just have a few bug bites...however, Dean did see a big SNAKE... Í have many stories for you...
If you want to see our lodge go to
Love and miss you all...
Jana of the Jungle

sandi said...

Really great to hear from you and that all is well with Jana of the't wait to hear all your stories !missing you, oh it snowed today, and its no April fools joke !Have fun in the sun ! luvya lots. Sandi