Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Trip

Today Jill and I went to Birch Bay to visit Kay.

It was a beautiful day and we laughed all the way.
What can I say...I think all we did was eat and play.

Hey-Isn't this beach cottage cute?


Jill said...

I had never been to Birch Bay and I thought it was a beautiful place and the weather was so perfect. We did have a fun day and yes, lots of laughs. Kay, thank you for letting us join your family for the day. OH and Kay, I can't wait to see your scarf!

RainGardener said...

Hi Jana,
I see you took a roadtrip too. Wanted to tell you I put a link on my post yesterday to the shop. We had a fun day but learned that ya just can't do Snohomish and Flower World in the same day. So we plan on coming back to do Snohomish because it got shortchanged. ;-) We left your shop, had lunch and had to leave to do some flower shopping before they closed! Getting lost on the way up didn't help the time factor any!
It was great meeting you guys and the shop was super as always!