Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Chicks at the Farm

Clarice(Mom) and Sandi had a great time at the Farm Chick Show. There was so much good stuff that they didn't know where to look first... They both came home with great things and lots of fun ideas.


ShellinSnohomish said...

I Love Clarice with the Joyworks Blog bag! I hadn't noticed that before. Too cute!

After looking what they had there, it was probably a good idea that I WAS working!!


Anonymous said...

I saw these gals in my booth and I noticed the J.O.Y. necklace and meant to say something but it was really busy at that time and I missed my opportunity. Oh well, I'm always glad for those 'busy times'! I'm glad they had fun!

Linda said...

Looks like such fun!
I got to go next year I think, with a very empty trunk going over, lol!