Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Strawberries at Joyworks.

Tonight I played with some vintage strawberry fabric and made a quick pillow for a wicker chair and a fun banner. They'll both be cute in a new summer display at the store.


Kay said...

Really cute, Jana. The colors are perfect in your kitchen.

mishebe said...

very cute. now lets see more of your kitchen.

RainGardener said...

Hi Jana, I have been in a really neat shop in Snohomish a couple of times over the years and I think it's Joyworks. Did a search of Snohomish shops to try and see if I would recognize the name and this one rang a bell. Did you have a clerk that worked there named Colleen? When shopping we ran into her working and we were good friends in grade school and Jr. High. That's the only way for me to know if I have the right place. We're coming to Snohomish on Saturday and wanted to make sure we visited this shop because it was such fun. Thanks, Linda