Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Fun Day

My day started off by stopping at
A French Flea Market
sponsored by Haley's Cottage on the way to work. It was a lovely morning and it was a great surprise to see so many wonderful dealers with their booths set up so beautifully. Over the years I have met many of the local dealers and shop owners so it was fun visiting with them and sharing ideas. It was also fun to meet new fellow bloggers...

I did take a few pictures... it's hard to visit,look,shop,buy,and take pictures...

Shabby Scraps

Tippy Stockton

Some other creative vendors...
Rhonda Addison
Then it was off to Joyworks. It was a busy day and I was even able to fit in a few new displays.

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Jill said...

Jana, I heard you were their for quite awhile!!! I meant to go, but forgot. Love the pictures!