Wednesday, September 23, 2009


No it's not an illusion ...It's time to start putting up Christmas trees at Joyworks. It takes us about 2 months to decorate the store which includes all six windows. We always start with a pretty tree in what we call "the white room". I set the stage and prep while Jill performs her magic and creates beautiful trees.

This year we were inspired by Wendy Addison's paper and mirror ornaments and her wonderful angel from Seasons of Cannon Falls.

We decorated the tree with gold and silver and cream colors. The ornaments are glitter stars,birds,words,crowns,music, and some handcrafted items.


Jill said...

Tis the season, ho!ho!ho! Yes, it is always nice to get the first tree done....thank you to all our great customers that gave me positive feedback the day I was decorating, as it helps.

ShellinSnohomish said...

Looks awesome guys!!! I'll be in sometime today with the crown, but I HAVE to move my studio today. Laura told me last night they are moving in tomorrow,, ACK!!!

Look for the glitter trail from Maple to Avenue B!


mari said...

very nice indeed. i think i'll come in today and check it out.

Linda Q said...

Awww you know how I love it when you do Christmas! Maybe that will inspire me, to get with it to do mine this year when the time comes.
Right now I am wedding tired, once that is done then I can move on to other things.