Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Make a Stand...take 2

When displaying pumpkins I love putting them on a stand.
After my post yesterday, I was informed by my friends at work that I could do better.




I just have to share that I finally got Comcast on Demand and DVR!
I am one happy girl!!

I'll have to look for something cute to display my new fancy remote on... :)


Coastal Sisters said...

You are so cute! We don't have cable out where we live so Netflix is my entertainment!

Love the harlequin pumpkin!


Kay said...

Much, much better!! I'll change my "LAME" comment to "FUN AND FUNKY" especially your lovely remote stand! Funny, Jana!

Jill said...

Way to go Jana, as I was starting to lose faith in your ability to be funky..I knew you could make us proud. All our comments were said in "Love" you know that! I'm with Kay, lovely remote stand. I'll have to get one for my controller.