Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Farm Country

Every day I drive from Seattle to Joyworks in Snohomish...
City Girl becomes Country Girl.

Sometimes I forget that Snohomish is in the country because we have some very hip and cute shops. But then when I'm driving slowing behind a tractor and pass corn fields and barns it quickly comes back to me.

I'm also reminded on days like today when Luanne who works at Joyworks gets a call from her husband that 25 of the neighbor's cows are loose and in their yard and he needs her help. Quickly Luanne and my mom-original farm chicks-run to the rescue and help round them up. Way to go girls!
I guess even for cows the grass is always greener on the other side...


sandi said...

Oh No ! I remember those days all to well, and those darn cows do so much damage with those big cow hooves, hope all is well in your beautiful garden Luanne. Love reading your blog Jana, always so informative, hey why didn't they take the city girl ?

Jill said...

Love it! Yes, we got a few laughs yesterday. Sandi, the city girls had to cute of shoes on to help round up the cows!!!

Shell said...

Oh my Stars! That IS Snohomish! And,,,although havoc,,,isn't that part of our charm????

Love the Clarice went too! HA! YGG!

Okay girls,,,,I'm having a giveaway,,,,you'd best Enter! It' not Joyworks stuff because I wanted you guys to get something different too!

Stop over and Enter on my Blog! Love you all!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

Oh too cute. You had me laughing on this one as I could so picture this lol. I just love Snohomish. I don't get up there much but my girlfriend lives there and love to go hang out when I get a chance. Next time I'm stopping by to say hi :)