Monday, August 11, 2008

French Lesson

Lesson #1

Lesson #2

On one of my junking days I was excited to find this box of vintage French Vocabulary Cards. I knew that they would be fun to craft with as well as to learn a few French words. After picking out a few of the ones that I really liked I decided to sell them at the store for 25 cents each. I'm going to work on reproducing them for the store because I would like share some of these ones with you...

Yesterday a young couple came in and bought 60 cards. I asked what they were going to do with them and they said that they were going to use them at their wedding reception on the tables. The groom to be is from France and the bride to be is from America and at the wedding there will be a mix of French and English spoken. They thought it would be a great ice breaker for their guests to learn each others language. What a clever idea and I was excited that my cards were going to a wedding in France!

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