Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joyworks Fall Fashion

This fall our fashion boutique has the cutest clothes! We have a great variety of coats,jeans,sweaters,blouses,hoodies,t-shirts,hats,shoes,and scarves. The colors this year are beautiful purples,blues,pinks,grays,reds,oranges,metallic,whites,and always black. Also don't be afraid of prints and plaids this season. Our clothing is reasonably priced and we have something for women of all ages.

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Anonymous said...

Your fall stuff is soo cute. I was in over the weekend and fell in love with a belted trench by Live a Little. Unfortunately, when I came to my senses today and decided to come back for it, it was gone. Everyone was polite and got my name to call me if another comes in. I started searching online for the coat and found other items by the label but none of the same piece. It got me do you pick your lines and how does a retail shop find things to purchase and sell in their store. Now I'm super curious. -LG