Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Jill!

Jill likes to organize, looks great in hats, and loves cats!
She is such a dear and a valued employee at Joyworks.


Laura Gomillion said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Jill! Thank you for being such a great lady to "visit" at the store. (I'm the one who moved back from Arizona and bought the big Eifel Tower yesterday). We enjoy the store and will always be back for more! Why didn't we have a PARTY for you yesterday? How about we still plan one - LOL
Again, Happy Birthday!
Laura Gomillion

Jill said...

Thank you Jana for the birthday greeting and wonderful comments. The picture is a bit much, but not a bad looking neck for someone my age... Don't forget who also does the blog! I'll remember this when your birthday comes around again, lol. It was a great day. The sun was shinning, we were at the Mariner game and they won, plus we had yummy candy that Kay sent me. See you Tue., Jill

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture of Jill and her beloved Sampson and a nice birthday greeting too! You're right, Jana, - what would we all do without Jill - work wouldn't be as much fun, that's for sure! Happy Birthday, Jill! Glad the Mariners finally won another game! MW

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday sweet friend! See you soon!! Shellee