Friday, August 29, 2008

Halloween Preview

Today I brought more vintage inspired Halloween out to display...This year we will be showing more black and white with orange being the accent color. Decorate with white pumpkins,black crows,black and white polka dots,black glitter candles,black cats, and black stars... Then add your pumpkins,figurines,lanterns,bottle brush trees,and postcards etc... for your traditional orange. It gives Halloween decorating a new fresh look.

When we go to gift shows I take pictures of some of my favorite showrooms for decorating ideas. Here are two pictures from the Bethany Lowe showroom. As you can see we can't order it all but we do have a few pieces.

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mishebe said...

Oh my god, please hide that striped pumpkin. I want it, and i am coming in next weekend to get it. This weekend i am home bound because i spent to much money last weekend. lol. i am excited to decorate for Halloween this year. m