Monday, August 17, 2009

My Free Day

My husband is in the market for a new car so today we headed to Tacoma to test drive a Ford Escape Hybrid. On the way I saw a pile of Free Stuff...I always have to stop and take a quick look. Over the years I have found some great things and today I was pretty lucky.
I found a vintage green suitcase.

and cute Santa mugs.

I just had this feeling that my luck would continue. While we were testing out the car I kept my eyes open for free piles...The salesman was pretty nice so I figured he wouldn't care it we stopped for just a minute.
Well we had no luck with free stuff and the car was priced a little too high...bummer.
When we got home my husband and I took a long walk around the neighborhood...I still thought I was going to luck out...
I didn't find any stuff but I did find a cool truck for sale on the side of the road.

Wouldn't it be a great truck for Joyworks...we could paint it a jadeite green.
I think I'll call them tomorrow to see if I can take it for a test drive... :)


jolly said...

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why just park...

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sandi said...

L O L !!! your so cute Jana :) ! then we could all go junkin.....I see the possibilities....we need that truck !

A Thing for Roses said...

I love that truck! It would be adorable painted jadite green. Jana, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you at Timi's. Isabel and I were so warmly welcomed by you all, we can't wait to come back again for round two. Also, your shop is so lovely. What a thrill for you do be doing what you love. It was so fun meeting your sweet mother too.

Hugs to you both!