Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas with Clarice

A couple of years ago we had our Joywork Christmas party at my mom's house. She has great vintage Christmas collections and decorates very cute for Christmas. We've always thought she should be in a magazine so we made a mock up of her house in a Country Living magazine and presented it to her for her birthday.

Clarice Johnson is the owner of Joyworks which is a wonderful gift shop in Snohomish, Washington. She has been collecting for many years and has many vintage Christmas collections. Clarice has found most of her treasures at garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and of course Joyworks.

The table was set with loving and care knowing that the Joywork gals soon would be there. She proudly shows off her green depression glass, jadeite dishware, and her tavern candle caroler collection.

Adorning the top of this cupboard is her great collection of vintage wedding cake toppers. These bride and grooms join in the holiday celebration surrounded by cute vintage houses and trees.


ruth said...

What a lovely gift!

Such treasurs she has.

Barb said...

Love that magazine idea. How fun!

Where ever do you all find those little glitsy cardboard churches, and the cute little trees?
Maybe shopping at second hand stores is the wrong place to look, as i have never found any.

In case I dont't get back here, Merry Christmas and blessings from our home to yours.
Barbara Jean