Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Dome

Today was a snow day for me... I couldn't make it to work so I stayed at home and decorated for Christmas and crafted. My craft for the day was to create a little snow scene and put it under a dome. I made these last year for presents and they were fun to make. I looked for inexpensive glass vases that had a small base so that when you turned them over they still looked round. Then I cut a circle a little bigger than the vase opening and assembled my scene. Everything always looks cuter under a dome.


Royaltouch said...

Terrific Jana, as always!
I got my cards done since house bound. So now I can maybe craft some things too. I have a pair of old skates calling my name to paint on them.
Stay safe!
11" in Arlington, Yikes!

Anonymous said...

you're right..cuter and almost magical ~ very fun idea

Jill said...

I wish I could of been home crafting, but I was working at Joyworks and it was busy !!! I love the domes and might just have to make one for myself. So, so fun!!! Jana, you'll probably be crafting today too or else you'll venture to work and then an overnighter at my house ? I'll have the bedroom ready.

Barb said...

How cute is that!!
I have some"fish bowl" centerpiece glass that might work. Tomorrow off to the Goodwill for some half price decorations.
I finished my last 2 ornaments for my grand kids today, and the new babies stocking. (#5 will be here tomorrow!)

That snowman in the wagon is really cute! Hope you don't really have to get to work that way. =0)

Barbara Jean