Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joywork Christmas Party

This year Shelly hosted our Joywork Christmas party. Her house was decorated so beautifully and we all had a wonderful time.

Shelly just purchased this awesome hutch...there were cute glittering displays on each shelf.

Her tree was decorated with a cherub theme using gold and silver ornaments.

Sandi is serving peppermint cordial which is a Joywork party tradition.

We love Jill's cranberry and pear almond tart--delicious!

Shelly's dogs really wanted to join in the fun...maybe next year.


mishebe said...

Wow ,More of Shelleys house please.? That hutch is to die for. Lovely living room. mishelle

Anonymous said...


I'm attempting to upload some photos from my camera as I write.

Please note the lovely Spam tree from my ornament party last night as well!

I'm "partied out but you and your "best shopping friend" can stop by IF you can get here before 09!!

Freezin in Snohomish,,,,,,or is that "well preserved?"

Shelly,,,,,note ONE E girlfriend!

Royaltouch said...

I agree, Wow, loving that hutch!
And glad you ladies got to have your party finally. Fun to see Shelly's home, more more!!
Tell her Ms. Linda said hello.

Shelly said...

Okay,,,,,,working on a Blog today, Jana, call or email me if you can tell me how in the HECK to do the slide show thingy so I don't have to post with each picture!

Thanks, Shell

Psssst. New blog is ShellinSnohomish

Joy@The Vintage Rabbit said...

I am enJOYing your blog very much!!

I especially love the name of your shop!!

I will be back for more blog stalking!! (WINK)

Merry christmas,
Smiles, Joy~