Friday, December 19, 2008

Jill the Bird Feeder

Jill's husband Larry wasn't quick enough in putting food out for their little hummer. He is getting quite brave in this cold weather.

Along with the hummingbird, Jill is attracting all kinds of birds...they are very well fed.

Any ideas on what type of birds these are ?

or these ?


cherished*vintage said...

the bird with the red throat is a male house finch. they're so pretty. thanks for reminding me to get our bird feeder filled.

Anonymous said...

Sooo cute ! Oh my Gosh ! Curt and I are so jealous, if you need a bird sitter let us know. cherrysandi

Angie said...

I knew someone in Spokane who had a humming bird that wouldn't migrate so they brought it in the house every winter. They had a tree and put down some plastic... Very interesting.

mari said...

what a crazy humming bird! the others i believe are rosy finches, starlings and the last one is a flicker (in the woodpecker family). i love birds too and we have so many where i live.

DivaDeb said...

Jana, I don't know what kind of birds they are, either, but they showed up for two years in a row at our house on Blackman's Lake in Snohomish. I just loved the little red ones! (Now that we've moved to Camano Island, I wonder if I'll see them again?)